In-spire Galeries Exhibition – Dublin, Ireland – March 2019
opening _ Inspire Gallery_

My photo exhibition “Dublin Dancers and Dreams” was such a success at the In-spire Galerie. We had an amazing opening with more than 100 people, ran dance workshops & photography workshop during 2 weeks.

I can’t believe I exhibited more than 52 pictures and more than 310 people seeing my works over the 2 weeks, it’s only the beginning on this journey and I am very excited to see what will be next!

I also can’t believe we had 2 sold out closing night show on Friday with more than 70 peoples. All the dancers I photographed gave life to my photography! Dancers dream with their feet and I dream with my camera.

Thanks so much all my dancers for your hard work, your passion, your inspiration and your trust, you are just amazing ! My pictures were alive in the gallery because of YOU!

Thanks so much In-spire Galerie Dublin for this opportunity!

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